Performance Expectations Gap in Public Works Contracts: A Theoretical Review

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PrAcademics Press
Research addressing performance expectations gap in public procurement is sparse. The studies addressing expectation gaps are predominantly in auditing (see (Adams & Evans, 2004; Brennan, 2006; Humphrey, Moizer, & Turley, 1993)). Other studies have focused mainly on customer value (Ancarani, 2009) and service quality (Bolton & Drew, 1991; Cronin, Taylor, & Taylor, 1992; Parasuraman, Zeithaml, & Berry, 1985; Zeithaml, Berry, & Parasuraman, 1996), using a marketing lens. We see certain aspects of expectations gap discussed in marketing and auditing discipline that resemble what is occurring in public procurement today. This study intends to borrow this concept and use it to investigate and document procurement performance expectations gap using a theoretical lens, that could explain the performance lapses in public works contracts with a conceptual model that will later be used to improve the public procurement performance expectation gaps in DLGs in Uganda.
Performance Expectations gap, Procurement performance, Roadworks contracts, Stakeholder, Road user
Kalinzi, C., Ntayi, J., Muhwezi, M., & Kabagambe, L. (2018). Performance expectations gap in public works contracts: a theoretical review. Advancing Public Procurement: Theories and Practices, 1st ed., PrAcademics Press, Florida, USA, 230-259.