The Regional Dimensions Of The War In Northern Uganda

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Institute for Security Studies
"This paper highlights the complexity of the conflict in northern Uganda. Attempts have been made to analyse the structures, actors and complex dynamics of the conflict using a multidisciplinary methodology. This has helped in identifying and mapping out not only the structural sources of the conflict but also the international/global, regional, national and local dimensions.The analytical process took into consideration the security or military, political, economic and social factors that are germane to the conflict helix. However, the discussions of the regional ramifications of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) war tended to elicit cautious responses from some government and military officials for fear of releasing information that, in their view, would appear sensitive and controversial in diplomatic circles. Government officials were reluctant to make statements that would jeopardise the outcome of the Juba peace process."
Alya, F. O. (2009). The regional dimensions of the war in northern Uganda.