Linking Social Welfare Development with Cash Transfers and Education to Promote Child Wellbeing – What we Know and What We Need to Know

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Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies
This review aimed to identify international literature on the triple provision combination of social welfare services (SWS) embedded within programmes where cash transfers are conditional (CCT) on school attendance in order to inform best policy and practice. The review found only one example of such provision, descriptions of which indicated a benefit of the triple combination approach yet did not provide an in-depth evaluation of the link with SWS. More relevant evidence and indications for future research and policy were found within literature concerned with the double combination of SWS and schooling, including extended and full-service schools. However, this has not yet been linked to CCT. This literature reports an overall positive impact of a SWS and school integration for both children and families, while noting several complexities and challenges such as resource availability and management issues. Methodologies are currently diverse. A Theory of Change approach may represent an optimum strategy for future programme evaluations to address the complex synergies of inputs and outcomes. Also, the definition of SWS needs to be refined as appropriate to countries of the global South, where the triple combination is of particular relevance.
social welfare services; cash transfers; children; schools
Pinkerton, J., & Muhangi, D. (2009). Linking social welfare development with cash transfers and education to promote child wellbeing–what we know and what we need to know. Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies, 4(S1), 55-67.