Using Family Partnerships to Reduce Child Abuse and Neglect in Uganda

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Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review
Every passing day, as cases of child abuse and neglect increase in number and forms meted on children in Uganda, family and community safety nets that used to act as a buffer for child protection also keep fading. The abuse is in part blamed on parents who are entering family life ill prepared to raise children while maintaining an exclusive life oblivious of a supportive community around them. Use of law enforcement to bring some of the abuse perpetrators to justice also seem not be working to meet the expectations of the public. This article explores how family and community partnerships can be used to mentor parents to become their children’s role models and minimize incidences of child abuse.
Child abuse, Neglect, Family, Partnerships early childhood
Ejuu, G. (2015). Using family partnerships to reduce child abuse and neglect in Uganda. Research Journal of Educational Studies and Review, 1(4), 89-97.