Opened or Closed Social Sciences: History, Debates and Lessons for the Islamic University in Uganda

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Islamic University Journal of Social Sciences
The social sciences are those that study society and its components (individuals and social institutions).The goal is to look at social sciences by identifying key grounds for their existence and giving recommendations for how they might be improved in places like IUIU. The study was the product of an examination of secondary sources and works on social sciences by well-known scholars and scientists, as well as a compilation of experiencesgained as a social science educator throughout time, all of which were viewed through the lens of IUIU. The study revealed that social sciences in institutions such as IUIU may be improved to make them more responsive to societal issues. The growing reliance on social sciences to provide practical solutions to the world's too many problems raises important considerations for social science disciplines and need timely responses on how these issues will be resolved. However, it is worth noting that certain of the social sciences' disciplines, as well as the way they are conducted, the study topics addressed, and the answers proposed, are a direct result of the complex society. Finally, institutions should learn from such issues in order to cut their structures, disciplines, and related programs in the same way. IUIU should not be held in high regard.
Social sciences, Natural sciences, history, history, institutions, Higher learning, methodology, disciplines, IUIU, society, relevance
Luwemba, M. U. S. A. (2021). OPENED OR CLOSED SOCIAL SCIENCES: HISTORY, DEBATES AND LESSONS FOR THE ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY IN UGANDA. Islamic University Journal of Social Sciences, 1(1), 1-15.