Managerial Skills and Success of Small-Scale Entrepreneurs in Kampala Uganda

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Canadian International Journal of Social Science and Education
A multi-sector coverage of small-scale enterprises was explored in this study to address these research objectives: (1) extent to which managerial skills were possessed; (2) extent to which small-scale entrepreneurs were successful; (3) differences in extent of managerial skills and success among small-scale entrepreneurs; and (4) relationship between managerial skills and success. Employed as strategies to elicit the data were the descriptive comparative, descriptive correlation and ex-post facto designs; administration of validated and tested for reliability researcher devised questionnaires; frequencies, means, t-test, One Way ANOVA and regression analysis. The findings showed moderate extent of managerial skills in terms of conceptual, human and technical skills; less successful internally and more successful externally; the extent of managerial skills and success differed significantly according to gender, education level, business form and years in business; the extent of managerial skills possessed was positively and significantly correlated with all aspects of internal and external success; conceptual and technical skills significantly depicted small-scale entrepreneurs’ success. Thus, technical and conceptual skills needed to be more promoted through entrepreneurial and business skills in universities; education of small-scale entrepreneurs on formation of joint ventures and ongoing training programs for skills formation and development.
Managerial skills, Small scale entrepreneurs, Success
Muhammad, K., Sumil, N., Mpora, B. E., Kazibwe, S., Sumil, M., Ssemugenyi, F., & Wilberforce, T. (2015). Managerial skills and success of small-scale entrepreneurs in Kampala Uganda. Canadian International Journal of Social Science and Education, 3, 546-552.