Vertical Collaboration and Physical Distribution Service Quality in Uganda’s Soft Drinks Demand Chains

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International Journal of Economics and Management Sciences
The purpose of this study was to explain physical distribution service quality in the soft drinks’ demand chain using the collaboration dimensions of information sharing, incentive alignment and decision synchronization. The study was motivated by the desire to explore an area that has been understudied in Uganda and also make a contribution by providing knowledge on the factors affecting the performance of soft drinks’ distribution chains. Data was collected from manufacturers and distributors in Kampala District. The findings revealed that the collaboration dimensions were significant predictors of physical distribution service quality. Incentive alignment was found to be a significant predictor of physical distribution service quality while decision synchronization and information sharing were insignificant predictors. This study makes numerous contributions that have been highlighted and also provides implications for theory and practice.
Vertical Collaboration, Physical Distribution Service Quality, Uganda, Soft Drinks
Friday, D., Ntayi, J. M., Muhwezi, M., Eyaa, S., & Tukamuhabwa, B. (2011). Vertical collaboration and physical distribution service quality in Uganda’s soft drinks demand chains. International Journal of Economics and Management Sciences, 1(1), 42-52.