The nature and Extent of Environmental Crimes in Seychelles

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Institute for Security Studies
"The study consisted of a thorough analysis of the state of the environment and the extent of environmental crime in the country. In addition, the study examined the legal and institutional regime for combating environmental crime in Seychelles. Finally, an assessment of the challenges facing these institutions was undertaken and recommendations were made to effectively deal with environmental crimes in the country. The study shows that an extensive legislative framework provides for the protection of the environment in Seychelles. However,this has not prevented the commission of environmental crimes in the country. Several factors have contributed to this state of affairs. Most of the legislation is outdated and the penalties are not deterrent enough. It is therefore imperative that they be amended to reflect the present conditions and to take into account the country’s international obligations."
Mwebaza, R., Mwanika, P. A. N., & Corullus, I. (2009). The nature and extent of environmental crimes in Seychelles.