Recent Submissions

  • The potential distribution of Bacillus anthracis suitability across Uganda using INLA 

    Ndolo, V A; Redding, D; Deka, M A; Salzer, J S; Vieira, A R; Onyuth, H; Ocaido, M; Tweyongyere, R; Azuba, R; Monje, F; Ario, A R; Kabwama, S; Kisaakye, E; Bulage, L; Kwesiga, B; Ntono, V; Harris, J; Wood, J L N; Conlan, A J K (Nature Publishing Group, 2022-11)
    Abstract To reduce the veterinary, public health, environmental, and economic burden associated with anthrax outbreaks, it is vital to identify the spatial distribution of areas suitable for Bacillus anthracis, the causative ...
  • Assessment of Fungal Contamination in Fish Feed from the Lake Victoria Basin, Uganda 

    Namulawa, Victoria Tibenda; Mutiga, Samuel; Musimbi, Fred; Akello, Sandy; Ngángá, Fredrick; Kago, Leah; Kyallo, Martina; Harvey, Jagger; Ghimire, Sita (MDPI AG, 2020-04)
    bstract The emergence of commercial fish farming has stimulated the establishment of fish feed factories in Uganda. However, no information is available on the safety of the feed, mainly due to lack of mycotoxin testing ...
  • Performance of the Agricultural Credit Facility in Uganda: What are the trends? 

    Budget Monitoring and Accountability Unit (Budget Monitoring and Accountability Unit, 2019)
    There is often an assumption that agriculture faces inherent difficulties in mobilizing credit and that this is a binding constraint on expanding agricultural output which justifies government intervention to provide or ...