Measuring Computing Research Excellence and Vitality

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Fountain Publishers
Measuring computing excellence and vitality has become an important approach to understanding sustainable information and communication technology (ICT) for societal transformation and development around the world. In particular, developing countries are being encouraged to invest in ICT infrastructure so that they might experience the expected future social and economic benefits. This book is aimed at developing an integrated framework for measuring sustainable research excellence and vitality in computer science, in Uganda and the immediate African regions. Improving the sustainability and vitality of research capacity has become an important problem in information communication and technology (ICT), and more specifically computing research in the higher education setting for both developed and developing countries. There is little research on the factors that influence research excellence and vitality in computer science.
Computing Research, Excellence, Vitality
Williams, D., & Baryamureeba, V. (2006). Measuring Computing Research Excellence and Vitality. Fountain Publishers. ISBN 978-9970-02-592-3