Developing hospital accreditation standards in Uganda

Whereas accreditation is widely used as a tool to improve quality of healthcare in the developed world, it is a concept not well adapted in most developing countries for a host of reasons, including insufficient incentives, insufficient training and a shortage of human and material resources. The purpose of this paper is to describe refining use and outcomes of a self-assessment hospital accreditation tool developed for a resource-limited context. Methods We invited 60 stakeholders to review a set of standards (from which a selfassessment tool was developed), and subsequently refined them to include 485 standards in 7 domains. We then invited 60 hospitals to test them. A study team traveled to each of the 40 hospitals that agreed to participate providing training and debrief the self-assessment. The study was completed in 8 weeks
accreditation, hospitals, standards, Africa, Uganda
Galukande, M., Katamba, A., Nakasujja, N., Baingana, R., Bateganya, M., Hagopian, A., ... & Luboga, S. (2016). Developing hospital accreditation standards in Uganda. The International journal of health planning and management, 31(3), e204-e218.DOI: 10.1002/hpm.2317