Sirenomelia Associated with an Anterior Abdominal Wall Defect: a case report

Sirenomelia is a rare and fatal congenital defect. The rarity of this case and its association with abdominal total wall defect drove us to report this case. We report a rare case of sirenomelia characterized by lower limb fusion, thoracolumbar spinal anomalies, sacrococcygeal agenesis with a rudimentary tail, and genitourinary and anorectal atresia. Coexistent anterior abdominal wall defect in this case highlights its fatalness because of complications associated with the malformation. Sirenomelia syndrome has seldom been reported. The present case highlights the rare atypical association of sirenomelia with anterior abdominal wall defect. Because the investigations were done in a low-resource setting, the etiology regarding this case remains unclear.
Case report, Sirenomelia, Mermaid syndrome, Abdominal wall defect
Kavunga, E. K., Bunduki, G. K., Mumbere, M., & Masumbuko, C. K. (2019). Sirenomelia associated with an anterior abdominal wall defect: a case report. Journal of Medical Case Reports, 13(1), 1-5.