Raising Awareness for Potential Sustainability Effects in Uganda: A Survey-based Empirical Study

In July 2019, we ran the 3rd International BRIGHT summer school for Software Engineering and Information Systems at the Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. The participants developed a group project over the course of the week, which included the application of the Sustainability Awareness Framework. The framework promotes discussion on the impact of software systems on sustainability based on a set of questions. In this paper, we present the educational evaluation of the Sustainability Awareness Framework in a country in Sub- Saharan Africa. The results indicate that the framework can provide supportive guidance of the societal and environmental challenges in the given context.
Sustainability, Requirements engineering, Software-intensive systems, Socio-technical systems, ICTD
Penzenstadler, B., Duboc, L., Hebig, R., Dearden, A., Kanagwa, B., Chaudron, M., ... & Okello, D. (2020, January). Raising awareness for potential sustainability effects in uganda: A survey-based empirical study. In Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Sustainable Systems co-located with 27th International Conference on Requirements Engineering (Vol. 2541). CEUR-WS.