Environment and Climate Change Policy Brief Uganda

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Sida's Helpdesk for Environment and Climate Change
This environmental and climate change Policy Brief has been written as an input to the Swedish results strategy process and in preparation of a new regional strategy document for Uganda1. The purpose of this brief is to briefly present key environmental and climate change challenges and opportunities in Uganda. Furthermore, the brief suggests issues for Sida to consider related to how the environmental challenges can be approached through development cooperation. The analysis was conducted as a desk study in two phases (February-March and August- September 2013) and is based on selected reports, research papers and statistics. The Swedish Government has identified environment and climate change as one of three thematic priorities for development cooperation. This is reinforced in the Swedish policy on environment and climate change in development cooperation concluding that these aspects are a “central point of departure for all development cooperation”2. The Policy further requires that environmental impacts, effects of climate change and associated risks are assessed and integrated in analysis, planning, strategies, implementation and follow-up in Swedish development cooperation.