Pediatric Surgery as an Essential Component of Global Child Health

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In Seminars in pediatric surgery
Recent initiatives in global health have emphasized universal coverage of essential health services. Surgical conditions play a critical role in child health in resource-poor areas. This article discusses (1) the spectrum of pediatric surgical conditions and their treatment; (2) relevance to recent advances in global surgery; (3) challenges to the prioritization of surgical care within child health, and possible solutions; (4) a case example from a resource-poor area (Uganda) illustrating some of these concepts; and (5) important child health initiatives with which surgical services should be integrated. Pediatric surgery providers must lead the effort to prioritize children׳s surgery in health systems development.
Global pediatric surgery; Low and middle income countries; Congenital anomalies; Global health disparities; Global child health; Uganda
Ozgediz, D., Langer, M., Kisa, P., & Poenaru, D. (2016, February). Pediatric surgery as an essential component of global child health. In Seminars in pediatric surgery (Vol. 25, No. 1, pp. 3-9). WB Saunders.