Mbarara University Research Training Initiative: a spin-off of the Medical Education Partnership Initiative in Uganda

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Scientific productivity in Africa is insignificant compared to that in the rest of the world. This has been attributed to the fact that, in spite of academic qualifications, junior faculty, who form the majority of academics in low- and middle-income countries lack experience in research. This calls for a need to put in place programs that provide hands-on training in research so that junior faculty can conduct relevant research. The Mbarara University Research Training Initiative, a Fogarty International Center-funded program, is one such program that was developed to provide research capacity training for junior faculty at the Mbarara University of Science and Technology. The program utilizes health priority areas to provide research training to junior faculty. During the training, they are given short-term-focused research training on particular knowledge and skills, which they apply while conducting the mentored research.
Junior faculty, MURTI, Short training, Mentored research
Wakida, E., Maling, S., & Obua, C. (2017). Mbarara University research training initiative: a spin-off of the medical education partnership initiative in Uganda. Advances in Medical Education and Practice, 8, 527.