Translational Research in Uganda: Linking Basic Science to Bedside Medicine in a Resource Limited Setting

Translational research is a process of applying knowledge from basic biology and clinical trials to techniques and tools that address critical medical needs. Translational research is less explored in the Ugandan health system, yet, it is fundamental in enhancing human health and well-being. With the current high disease burden in Uganda, there are many opportunities for exploring, developing and utilising translational research. In this article, we described the current state, barriers and opportunities for translational research in Uganda. We noted that translational research is underutilised and hindered by limited funding, collaborations, laboratory infrastructure, trained personnel, equipment and research diversity. However, with active collaborations and funding, it is possible to set up and develop thriving translational research in Uganda. Researchers need to leverage existing international collaborations to enhance translational research capacity development. Expanding the integration of clinical and translational research in Uganda health care system will improve clinical care.
Translational research, Laboratory research, Translational medicine, Translational science, Bench-to- bedside research, Ugand
Kwizera, R., Mande, E., Omali, D., Okurut, S., Nabweyambo, S., Nabatanzi, R., ... & Meya, D. B. (2021). Translational research in Uganda: linking basic science to bedside medicine in a resource limited setting. Journal of translational medicine, 19(1), 1-6.