Market Opportunities for the Direct Use of Low Temperature Geothermal Heat in Uganda

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Institute of Water and Energy Sciences, Pan African University
As a country, Uganda has a growing interest to diversify its energy mix from dependency on hydro power and traditional biomass. Prospects for the exploitation of the existing geothermal potential are therefore not only in power generation, but also direct use applications, although geothermal development is still in the preliminary stages. This study places emphasis on the range of opportunities for direct use of low temperature geothermal heat in Uganda. Because the transportation of heat over long distances is uneconomical; it is advisable to utilize the heat within a given radius of its source. In this study, the areas within such radii where geothermal activity is witnessed were assessed based on; fluid temperature, climate, population as well as main economic activities to better understand the market opportunities for the heat that will be extracted. Some of the more outstanding geothermal fields were studied; from which it was observed that out of the diversity of sectors for investment, agriculture-based industries; agricultural drying and milk pasteurization, pose higher opportunities for success given the available sources of raw materials. It would however be important to carry out a detailed industry specific market analysis at the feasibility phase for a better understanding of the development of the selected industries for implementation.
Fluid temperature, economic activity, direct use, market, Uganda
Natukunda, F., & Valdimarsson, P. Market Opportunities for the Direct Use of Low Temperature Geothermal Heat in Uganda.