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    • Halal Meat: A Niche Product in the Food Market 

      Nakyinsige, K.; Che Man, Y. B.; Sazili, A. Q.; Zulkifli, I.; Fatimah, A. B. (IPEDR, 2012)
      Religion is a fundamental factor in determining food avoidance, taboos and special regulation with respect to meat. A quarter of the world population is made up Muslims. Muslims have unique dietary requirements and are ...
    • Impacts of Agricultural Training on Young Farmers in Uganda 

      Mugisha, Johnny; Owens, Michelle (AIAEE, 2008)
      The District Agricultural Training and Information Centres (DATICs) component has been providing agricultural production training, information and skills to farmers and out-ofschool youths; promoting linkages between ...
    • Influence of gas stunning and halal slaughter (no stunning) on rabbits welfare indicators and meat quality 

      Nakyinsige, K.; Sazili, A.Q.; Zulkifli, I.; Goh, Y.M.; Abu Bakar, F.; Sabow, A.B. (Meat science, 2014)
      Animals may be at great risk of fear during the procedures that take them to new situations, such as pre-slaughter handling, which implies an important additional stress (Duncan, 2004). It is important to note that each ...
    • Management of Credit Facilitation for Agricultural Cooperatives in Uganda: evidence From a Collaborative Approach 

      Ahabyoona Mugisha, Faith; Lubega, Jude T.; Kibukamusoke, Martha (BANKERS, 2021)
    • Optimizing Mushroom Spawn Production in Uganda 

      Malakar, Pradeep; Tan, Qi; Chen, Mingjie; Xing, Zengtao; Buswell, John; Wei, Qui Sun Xiaoping; Kwesiga, Charles; Tugume, Arthur; Byandusya, Peace; Verfaillie, Magda; Mayambala, Janiffer; Ipulet, Perpetua; Akanyijuka, James (International Conference on Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products, 2014)
      Most farmers in Uganda own less than an acre of land, which is typically used to grow crops such as bananas, pineapples and cassava. Mushroom cultivation requires less space, takes place near the home and has the potential ...
    • Proceedings of the International Conference on Agro-Biotechnology, Biosafety and Seed Systems in Developing Countries 

      Unknown author (Science Foundation for Livelihoods and Development, Kampala, 2011)
      The International Conference on Agro-Biotechnology, Biosafety and Seed Systems in Developing Countries was held in Kampala during March 8-11 2010 at the Imperial Royale Hotel and attracted over 150 participants form various ...
    • Stunning and animal welfare from Islamic and scientific perspectives 

      Nakyinsige, K.; Che Man, Y.B.; Aghwan, Zeiad A.; Zulkifli, I.; Goh, Y.M.; Abu Bakar, F.; Al-Kahtani, H.A.; Sazili, A.Q. (Meat science, 2013)
      The transformation of an animal into pieces fit for human consumption is a very important operation. Rather than argue about halal slaughter without stunning being inhumane or stunning being controversial from the Islamic ...