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    • Identication Of New Sources Of Rice Genotypes (Oryza Sativa L.) Tolerant To Cold Stress 

      Tolosa Entele, Kidist; Edema, Richard; Lamo, Jimmy; Tilahun, Nigat; Abebe, Desta; Kebede, Worku (Research Square, 2022)
      Rice crop is adversely affected by cold stress which is a common problem in the highland areas of central East Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, north east Tanzania and Kenya) and Madagascar. Cold stress is known to cause 26% to ...
    • Irrigated and Rain-Fed Lowland Rice Breeding in Uganda: A Review 

      Lamo, Jimmy; Ochan, David; Abebe, Desta; Zewdu Ayalew, Zelalem; Mlaki, Anna; Ndikuryayo, Cyprien (IntechOpen, 2021)
      Since introduction of rice into Uganda in 1904, improvement of the irrigated and rain-fed lowland types was undertaken to address a number of production and quality constraints in three consecutive and overlapping phases. ...