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    • Transcriptional Activity, Chromosomal Distribution and Expression Effects of Transposable Elements in Coffea Genomes 

      Lopes, Fabrıcio R.; Jjingo, Daudi; da Silva, Carlos R. M.; Andrade, Alan C.; Marraccini, Pierre; Teixeira, Joao B.; Carazzolle, Marcelo F.; Pereira, Goncalo A. G.; Pereira, Luiz Filipe P.; Vanzela, Andre´ L. L.; Wang, Lu; Jordan, I. King; Carareto, Claudia M. A. (PLoS One, 2013)
      Plant genomes are massively invaded by transposable elements (TEs), many of which are located near host genes and can thus impact gene expression. In flowering plants, TE expression can be activated (de-repressed) under ...