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    • Quantifying rice yield gaps and their causes in Eastern and Southern Africa 

      Senthilkumar, Kalimuthu; Rodenburg, Jonne; Dieng, Ibnou; Vandamme, Elke; Silas Sillo, Fitta; Johnson, Jean-Martial; Rajaona, Arisoa; Amielle Ramarolahy, Jemima; Gasore, Rene; Abera, Bayuh Belay; Kajiru, Geophrey J.; Mghase, Jerome; Lamo, Jimmy; Rabeson, Raymond; Saito, Kazuki (Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 2020)
      The demand for rice in Eastern and Southern Africa is rapidly increasing because of changes in consumer preferences and urbanization. However, local rice production lags behind consumption, mainly due to low yield levels. ...